About Us

Bucks Collection .com is a leading provider of loose gemstones, and colored gemstone jewelry on the Internet. We strive to provide a unique quality experience online that though exists in other ecommerce segments, is often found to be elusive in the gems and jeweler segment.
At Bucks Collection .com, you will find a wide array of natural colored gemstones – both precious stones (like Sapphires, Emeralds, Rubies, Natural Pearl, etc.) and semi-precious stones (like Paraiba Tourmaline, Tourmaline, Spessartite Garnet, Spinal , Amethyst, Topaz, etc.).

Sourced directly from the mines of Brazil, East Africa (Tanzania, Madagascar & Kenya), Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Thailand through trusted suppliers, carefully handpicked over the years, we guarantee top-notch quality and purity in the gemstones we offer. Our position as a leading supplier in Thailand as well as a major exporter in the American, Japanese, European, Hong Kong, Malaysian, and Singaporean markets is a testament to our product quality. We prioritize our customers above all else.