Cambolite,or Blue Zircon is a popular stone since ancient times though available in many different hues ranging from colorless, red, red-brown, yellow and Blue. Blue hues make it beloved amid collectors and traders alike. For couple of centuries zircon has been commonly been misinterpreted as diamond due its similar properties. The dispersion and the luster of Zircon is quite unique in the gemstone family, they are mesmerizing and mystifying with hypnotizing affect. The gemstone is mined from several locality like Cambodia, Myanmar, Australia, Tanzania, Mozambique, Madagascar, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.
Please do note that that the recent classification of synthetic diamond referred to as Cubic Zircon (CZ) has directly contradicted with the natural zircon and have misperceived individual believing it to be the same. So, in order to distinguish between CZ traders have rename zircon to be “Cambolite”, as Cambodia has been considered as the primary source of Zircon.